How I Used CSS & JS to Remodel a Condo

Remodeling is Tougher Than it Looks


Living Room Before & After
Kitchen Before & After 1
Kitchen Before & After 2
Vanity Before & After
Bathroom Tile Before & After

How Can Code Help With Remodeling?!

Yes, I had to redo alot of tile to get this right.


Look closely and you’ll see the semi-white grout lines between the tile. It’s more apparent in the shadows of the cabinets.
Kitchen Wall Tile Layout
body {
--grout-color: #fefefe;
--grout-line: .625px; /* 1/16" = .625px */
--tile-color: #f1f1f1;
--tile-height: 117.5px; /* 11.75" x 10px per inch */
--tile-width: 237.5px; /* 23.75" x 10px per inch */
--center-line: red;
--installed-color: #336699;
.left.spacer {
margin-right: -175px;
display: flex;
flex-direction: column;
z-index: 0;
background-color: #000;


tiles.forEach((tile, i) => {
let width = tile.offsetWidth
if (tile.parentNode === lastColumn) {
width = (document.querySelector('.wall').clientWidth - tile.offsetLeft)
} else if (tile.offsetLeft < 0) {
width += tile.offsetLeft

let height = tile.offsetHeight
if (tile.classList.contains('counter_level')) {
height = tile.offsetHeight - ((tile.offsetTop - counter.offsetTop) + tile.offsetHeight)
} else if (tile.offsetTop < 0) {
height += tile.offsetTop

tile.setAttribute('tile-height', height/10)
tile.setAttribute('tile-width', width/10)

console.log(`Tile #${i + 1}: ${width/10}" wide x ${height/10}" tall`)

Code Recap

Code & Construction Skills

Why Not Use Professional Software?

Rectified tiles have edges that are mechanically engineered for perfectly straight/square edges, allowing grout lines to be thinner. Traditional tiles have a bevel, which makes it easier to grout, but has a bigger 1/8" line.

Final Thoughts

Living on the edge, in the center of Austin, TX.

Update: Presentation

Update: Sold



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